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"Loving your great sounds Sheila!

Wishing you good luck & all the best from me & amp all" Paul's Songs of Belief


“Enjoying 'The Snake Edged Table' -

lots of atmosphere - Love it!” “Essential listening.:)”  

- Khamsina


Hey Sheila! Love your tunes! Great sound, great voice!! Cheers - Audio Inception


amazing ...love & respect - Sami


Always huge respect,Luv your style, reminds me of Portishead got tha haunting vibe about your trax, stay blessed ;) xxx

-Mama Chill


“Really nice sound! You have a great voice. Keep it up! ”  - Blizzard


“Love ALWAYS TOO LATE! You are wonderful, keep on

doing your thing!!!” - DollyG


" Howling Winds " is a cool track   - The Fabulous Del Counts


"Always too late deff my fav keep doin your thing :)" - kapelli


“Yo I be on RN alot listening to music an I wanna say urs is some

of the hottest ive heard on hear thanx fa makin great music just

letin u no” - Jeronimo


"great sounds!" - Liam Cagney

"Fab stuff Sheila, very trippy. XXX" - Erin Achenbach


“Feelin some experimental goin on there too, very hippie/spiritualesque, enjoyed that journey thru ya trax, stay blessed :) xxx” - Mama Chill


428259_203240936449604_1572144975_n 422132_203239569783074_1269638518_n

“Yes! Yes! Mix and blend! Let me see the punani! Wet till the weekend! Cut it, mix it, mash it up! Batty Freak pussie clot! Man fi dead fa less dan dat. See' in! Respec! Sheila G-La and Heinz, 'Lonely Times' on Menu”

OVERSTALL 69% - Mongrel Magazine


“Nice reggae/world fusion feel. Superb." “Real cool music in here. Superb!”  “Really enjoying your superb music! Hope you are having a great weekend.”  Anchorage Alaska


“Back listening in ... great tracks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!” “Always too late what a fabulous groove ... love your work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ” - Stirling


“It’s wonderful to be here, it’s certainly thrill” (Lennon/McCartney) You really have some great tracks here they are terrific!" - Pat Branch


“Thank you for your friendship and kindness!! Many Blessings to you and your Lovely Music!! God Bless Joeleen xxx” - joeleen


“Hi Sheilagla! Came to listen to some of your music today - sounds great! I'll be coming back soon for more.” - Seven Days


Hi - Nice to meet U here - I already Subbed yr YouTube - Okus Dolphin


Best of luck with your projects!! Keep up the good work!! Cheers from Montreal, Danielle,Potion13


Happy to be a new fan! - Laney, JC & Laney


Cool Work! - BadgerStatic

SGMM Touch SG Circ USE 2015 Mongrel-LT-Review- SG-Cup-in-hand-308x421

YES This is The G- LA...

Inch-by-Inch-BlackEchoes-ED-KEEP Sheila-G_Curtis-L_Michael-T Sheila-Giles-img752

ANNOUNCEMENT In October 2017

Our 1980 Brit Funk Classic 12 Inch Vinyl by INCH by INCH & SHEILA GILES  - 'IF ITS MAGIC'  

will be Re-released on a Vinyl Compilation Honoring 6 Original Brit-Funk Pioneers


The Album Title: IN THE RED 

The Label: Chuwanaga

The Distributer:  The Pusher Distribution

“Yes! Yes! Mix and blend!"

SG Pink Mirrow 01