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Terms and Conditions

If your Order from Sheila Giles Multi Media is Faulty or Not As Described,

simply Return it to us with a note of the problem and we will replace it 'or' return your money.


PLEASE NOTE: ENSURE the DELIVERY ADDRESS PROVIDED by you 'or' the Person that ordered with us, IS CORRECT.


Sheila Giles Multi Media take 'No' Responcibility for Orders sent out by us if an Incorrect Delivery Address been Provided to us With Your Order


If you'er Order does not arrive at the address given to us for delivery in the time specified by us, please let us know and we will 'Track' it with the Post Office or Courier Company we entrusted with the delivery and keep you updated.


If your order is shown to have 'Not' been delivered 'and' the Delivery Address Provided is Correct*,

we then replace your order.


PLEASE NOTE: CANCELLATIONS We endeavour to process Your Order as soon as possible after we receive it.  

If you need to Cancel your Order, Cancellation Must be made Within 24 hours Via Pay Pal.


Kind Regards, Sheila Giles

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